4in Calathea Vittata
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4in Calathea Vittata

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Calathea Vittata can be just as fussy as other plants in the Calathea family; you may find their leaves crisp, curl, yellow, droop and more, which can be pretty stressful. So we’ve put together a Calathea Vittata care guide to help you care for this beautiful but tricky little plant.


Just like with any Calathea plant, the Calathea Vittata does not like direct sunlight. The rays from the sun can scorch their leaves causing burning and brown crsping. Instead opt for a spot where the plant is protected from the sun and where it can receive medium light. They can tolerate lower lighting conditions but be aware they are not known as low light houseplants and may need something a little brighter.


Calathea Vittata need to be watered regularly and not allowed to dry out between waterings. Simply stick your fingers in the top two inches of soil and as you feel is starting to dry give your plant a drink. You can also use a moisture meter like this one on Amazon to help you detect the level of water in the soil if you find it difficult to judge yourself. Sometimes tap water can be too strong for your plant so if you notice any leaf burning and your Calathea isn’t in direct sunlight then try using filtered water.

A common sign of overwatering is yellow leaves and a common sign of underwatering is the leaves curling in on themselves. If you notice either of these signs then adjust your watering schedule accordingly.


Calathea Vittata will benefit from a medium to high humidity environment. They may be able to tolerate the natural humidity in your home but if the air is too dry then this plant will suffer. We would recommend using a humidifer or watered pebble tray to help your plant get some extra moisture.


A potting mixture that is available to retain moisture will be good for your Calathea Vittata. We find that using a regular potting mix with added peat moss and perlite keeps the soil moist yet aerated and create that jungley mixture that you’re looking for. It’s important that you pot your plant in a container with drainage holes.


Calathea Vittata need to be kept in warmer temperatures and will do badly in colder conditions. Keep them away from droughts which means windows and doors and try to keep your home at a consistent temperature year round. Be aware that heating systems can cause the air to dry out so if you use heating in winter you might want to consider adjusting the humidity levels to compensate for this.