Cebu Blue Pothos
Cebu Blue Pothos
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Cebu Blue Pothos

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Cebu Blue doesn’t need a lot of light. It tends to live quite content within medium-light scenarios. However, if you would like the foliage to be pretty lush and beautiful, a good amount of indirect light is recommended. But don’t forget it does need some periods of darkness too.

Do not keep it in direct sunlight though. If you would like to take the plant outdoors for some healthy dose of light, make sure the light is filtered. For example, you could place it under a tree or a bigger plant. If you cannot find a tree or a bigger plant, place the plant close to your window during the day, especially when it’s still growing but monitor the amount of direct sunlight. 

Occasional direct sun exposure is fine, but make sure it’s limited.The morning sun would, in fact, be ideal, particularly during winters when pretty much all your indoor plants would benefit immensely from some direct exposure to the early morning sun. 

Make sure you take your Cebu Blue plant out of the sun during afternoons or when the sun is at its peak. When subjected to good light and watering, the plant could grow by a few feet within a season.

It’s a plant that doesn’t depend too much on water, you’ll be glad to hear. But if you sprinkle it with the right amount and appropriate type of water, it will return the favor in the form of true lushness. You need not resort to any special watering techniques for that. Just water it the way you would water any other indoor plant.

Give the plant a complete soak and allow it to dry out a bit between each watering session. The excess water should completely escape through the drainage hole. Let the top inch of the soil become dry to the touch before you could water the plant again.

If your medium looks drenched at all times, it means you’ve been watering it a bit too much and/or at too frequent intervals. On the contrary, if the leaves have yellowed out or the foliage looks a bit wilted in general, it indicates you’re not watering the plant enough.