4in Peperomia Rana Verde
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4in Peperomia Rana Verde

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Peperomia Rana Verde semi-succulent and a member of the Piperaceae family, within the Peperomia genus. The species name is Peperomia Albovittata and Rana Verde is the hybrid name. The plant is a tropical perennial plant, native to Peru and Ecuador in South America.

Peperomia Rana Verde is a small, compact plant with deep green leaves. The leaves are small and rounded, with deep venation and a matte finish. The leaves resemble small green frogs and the name Rana Verde translates from Spanish to “green frog” in English.

Peperomia Rana Verde flowers are small and insignificant, orange in color and bloom in the summer. However, the flowers are minimal and the plant is valued for its pretty foliage and evergreen leaves.

As a house plant, it is wonderfully easy to care for and provides all year color and texture to any interior space. It grows best in bright light or partial sun and requires very little maintenance to thrive. It is happy in most comfortable household conditions – it does not need excessively high heat or humidity so it does well in the same conditions you find comfortable in your home.