6in Philodendron McColleys Finale
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6in Philodendron McColleys Finale

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McColley's Finale prefers low indirect light. This philodendron can tolerate moderate light conditions as well. We recommend keeping this variety out of bright direct sun. Bright direct sun will burn the foliage over time.


This philodendron should be allowed to dry out between waterings. It may be watered after the top two inches are dry to the touch. Overwatering this variety may lead to root rot. We would recommend under-watering, as opposed to overwatering the McColley's Finale.


This is an easy to care for plant. We recommend fertilizing this plant every month during spring through summer with a diluted general houseplant fertilizer. This variety is tolerant to normal household humidity levels but will enjoy a misting every once in a while. Propagating this variety can be done through stem cutting placed in water or directly into the soil. The leaves are large and flat and may collect dust over time. We advise you to wipe the leaves down with a damp cloth to remove the dust.