Philodendron Florida Green Totem *Flash Sale*
Philodendron Florida Green Totem *Flash Sale*
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Philodendron Florida Green Totem *Flash Sale*

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Philodendron Florida Green will show its best color in moderate to bright indirect light but can tolerate lower light conditions as well. We recommend keeping your Philodendron out of the bright direct sun, which can burn the foliage over time.


This Philodendron should be allowed to dry out between waterings. It may be watered after the top two inches of soil are dry to the touch. Overwatering Philodendrons may lead to root rot. Underwatering may result in a slightly wilted appearance, but the plant should recover quickly once watered. We advise erring on the side of underwatering this plant rather than overwatering it.


Philodendron Florida Green is an easy to care for plant. Average household humidity levels should suffice but misting or a humidifier to increase humidity may benefit this plant. Allow it to climb a moss pole or totem for best growth. We recommend fertilizing every month during spring through summer with a diluted general houseplant fertilizer. This species can be easily propagation via stem cuttings. Wiping the foliage down monthly will help keep the leaves clean and photosynthesis at its best.