Hoya Macrophylla
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Hoya Macrophylla

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Ideally, you will put a Hoya macrophylla a couple of feet away from an eastern facing window with a lot of light, while avoiding long periods of direct light.

If you decide to hang your Hoya macrophylla, maybe with one of those modern macrame plant hangers, make sure it’s far enough from a window so it doesn’t get too hot, and to hang it low enough so that the top of the plant gets enough light because otherwise, it might lose some leaves and start looking leggy and wonky.



If we circle back to the natural habitat of Hoya macrophyllas, we can observe hot weather with relatively rare but ample rain, depending on the season.

Consequently, they like to dry out completely and then get thoroughly soaked when planted in a pot. I am always very careful with this, and I like inspecting the plant before deciding to water it.