6in Alocasia Silver Dragon
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6in Alocasia Silver Dragon

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Alocasia silver dragon is sensitive to excessive light and exposure to direct sunlight. It grows best if it gets a lot of filtered light. Do not place it too close to the west or south window as its leaves quickly get sunburned.

To grow evenly, it needs uniform lighting on all sides. However, such conditions are difficult to achieve except in the greenhouse. As a result, the plant often distorts towards the light source, which ruins its shape. To avoid this, rotate the pot once a week so that all the leaves get enough light and the plant can withstand compact growth.

Proper watering rhythm is one of the vital factors in the successful cultivation of this beautiful houseplant. It is sensitive to overwatering and unnecessary wetting of leaves and stems, but also lack of water causes stress manifested by dry brown leaf tips or twisting the leaves.

The basic rule is that the watering frequency depends on the season, temperature, sunlight, and soil composition in which it grows. In the period of intensive growth from spring to autumn, water it approximately two or three times a week, as soon as the substrate dries on the surface. Alocasia silver dragon likes moisture in the soil but does not tolerate a swampy or soggy environment.

If you want the plant to feel comfortable, learn to distinguish moist from wet soil. The lower half of the substrate should always be slightly moist but never wet or completely dry. 

The soil in which you plant your silver dragon alocasia must meet several conditions: good permeability, airiness, nutrients, and a slightly acidic to neutral pH reaction in the range of 5.0 to 7.5.

Rapid water flows through the soil is necessary to avoid its retention and accumulation around the root system. The thickened fleshy rhizome root is very prone to rot if it is exposed to excessively wet soil.